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  • Ep. 48 – Double Microphones OH MY GOD!

    Simon goes out of his way to make sure (via heckling mostly) that we’re recording with both microphones today! We’re too old for internet and can’t find our comments of the week. Martin Molin is awarded “the coole…

  • Ep 47. Joel’s Fat Fuckup

    This episode is called “Joel’s Fat Fuckup”, since he apparently didn’t arm both microphones…BUT: We also butcher a couple of english accents, what is “walking distance”? Simon’s b…

  • Ep 43. Corona-chan!

    Joel leaves for a new job, we taste the pineapple cake, Crash Bandicoot is awesome, spider, birds, speedrunners and chair sniffing… welcome to Swedish Bananas!

    Warning the public not to touch their faceshttps://youtu.be

  • Ep 41. On tour!

    Are all kids on acid?

    This week we are in Stockholm, the capital of Scandinavia! Watching Babymetal on tour! Joel makes the perfect throw and everything is discussed, from Louis Rossmann to who built the pyramids. 

    Link list:

    Who buil

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