Swedish Bananas Podcast episodes!

  • Ep. 53 – In the Great Distance

    Someones sinuses didn’t want us keep up with the podcast, but here we finally are! Simon tells us how he busted out of a toilet, without breaking the swedish knife legislation. The advances made by science is once again making it a bit e…

  • Ep. 52 – The Tourism Project

    We’re halfway there, wherever there is! Simon has found a magical basement full of arcade and pinball machines. Meanwhile North Korea is building their own magical basement in Uganda. How would you find love if you were half human an…

  • Ep. 51 – We Love Them!

    Joel is giving out face mask advice without really knowing jack shit! Sverigetaxi sucks, apart from one very special driver. We also talk about mourning people that you don’t really know and how you’re never really “do…

  • Ep. 50 – Show & Tell

    Simon is still alive and kicking! Which nasal spray is the best if you want to kill your nose? Can you be a real Swede if you’re cheating yourself over the high jumping bar with a pole? We also discuss the best way to pick up people at the sup…

  • Bonus Episode: Banana Roulette

    We’ve been unable to record a regular episode since Simon’s been knocked out by Corona or a very nasty man-cold. So instead we’ve brought you this special episode from when we went on Chatroulette and Omegle to talk to pe…

  • Ep. 49 – My Chemical Bananza

    Someone didn’t drop any pounds or do his challenge and goes to great length to explain to us why. Whilst doing so we go for a deep dive into the chemistry of our brain. Joel forgets what metal Tin Whistles are made from, even though the nam…

  • Ep. 48 – Double Microphones OH MY GOD!

    Simon goes out of his way to make sure (via heckling mostly) that we’re recording with both microphones today! We’re too old for internet and can’t find our comments of the week. Martin Molin is awarded “the coole…

  • Ep 47. Joel’s Fat Fuckup

    This episode is called “Joel’s Fat Fuckup”, since he apparently didn’t arm both microphones…BUT: We also butcher a couple of english accents, what is “walking distance”? Simon’s b…

  • Ep 46. My Fat VR Vacation

    We are Back with vengeance! Joel explains fat burning and Simon plans his VR Vacation after his burnout. Chimpanzees, drama, U2, and a Stockphoto girl hunt, this and so much more on this episode of Swedish Bananas.  

    Recommendation: J

  • Ep 45. My Big Fat Vegan Banana

    Back at Joel’s place again with an episode about: An old TV Show-favorite of ours, Scrubs! Joel and Simon are both gonna try to lose some weight. We also read some comments, talk about veganism, the swedish holiday Valborg amongst oth…

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