Swedish Bananas Podcast episodes!

  • Ep. 61 – Hot Unicorn Investment

    One of the greatest in Manga have unfortunately decided to leave us, so Joel’s the one bringing the good vibes today. As long as it doesn’t involve tweeting, where he’s just stirring things up. Can you guess who’s …

  • Ep. 60 – Back From The Dead

    You didn’t think we were dead now did you? Not as long as there are ways of wasting tax money that will anger Simon, malfunctioning bodies to push to their limit, challenges to fail and DIY projects to be started! So what have we been doin…

  • Ep. 59 – Shorting Stocks On Jupiter

    In this episode you can hear two men that know nothing about stocks guess wildly about what happend in GameStop-Gate. Can you get away with murder if you just blame your twin? Simon trashtalks his sinuses and we also shit all over people that l…

  • Ep. 58 – It Ends When It Ends

    We’re a bit late, who could have predicted that?! Anyway, amongst other things we’re trying to convey why we love Discord. Simon hates Age of Empires and apparently VR is really dangerous. Where did your guardians threaten to …

  • Bonus Episode: A Leap of Faith

    This is a very special episode that we recorded a little while back. We invited our dear friend Samuel, that we’ve known since high school, to tell us a bit about the journey he’s been on for the past couple of years. We always enjo…

  • Ep. 57 – The NBA Files

    The National Banana Agency is investigating the next generation medical diagnostic methods, who was chasing who on Swedish TV in the 90s and why som political figures can’t ever seem to be fired for real. BetOnline.nu is still witho…

  • Ep. 56 – 2021: IDK

    New year, new episode! We’re talking about what we think or wish that 2021 is going to have in store for us. Which are the social interactions that swedes dread? Simon’s also got a new show, show number 10? 11? 15? Who knows! Pleas…

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