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  • Ep. 53 – In the Great Distance

    Someones sinuses didn’t want us keep up with the podcast, but here we finally are! Simon tells us how he busted out of a toilet, without breaking the swedish knife legislation. The advances made by science is once again making it a bit e…

  • Ep 47. Joel’s Fat Fuckup

    This episode is called “Joel’s Fat Fuckup”, since he apparently didn’t arm both microphones…BUT: We also butcher a couple of english accents, what is “walking distance”? Simon’s b…

  • Ep 46. My Fat VR Vacation

    We are Back with vengeance! Joel explains fat burning and Simon plans his VR Vacation after his burnout. Chimpanzees, drama, U2, and a Stockphoto girl hunt, this and so much more on this episode of Swedish Bananas.  

    Recommendation: J

  • Ep 19. A Car Chase Attempt

    From the Swedish word for spade to Elon Musk being a super villain!

    Link List:

  • Ep 14. A VR Murder Attempt

    Getting falsely accused for VR Murder in the future. Rotoscoping freaks out a generation and West world is back, while Joel gets uneasy from watching Anime…. he might be able to play Celest. Unsolved murders are getting solved via Po…

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