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  • Ep. 54 – Locked Out

    We’re in still in a sort of post-stream bubble (bobble). Big thanks to everyone that tuned in! In this episode we discuss amongst other things our communist heritage, OnlyFans and that Sweden finally seem to have gotten its own Fritz…

  • Ep. 53 – In the Great Distance

    Someones sinuses didn’t want us keep up with the podcast, but here we finally are! Simon tells us how he busted out of a toilet, without breaking the swedish knife legislation. The advances made by science is once again making it a bit e…

  • Ep. 52 – The Tourism Project

    We’re halfway there, wherever there is! Simon has found a magical basement full of arcade and pinball machines. Meanwhile North Korea is building their own magical basement in Uganda. How would you find love if you were half human an…

  • Ep. 51 – We Love Them!

    Joel is giving out face mask advice without really knowing jack shit! Sverigetaxi sucks, apart from one very special driver. We also talk about mourning people that you don’t really know and how you’re never really “do…

  • Ep. 50 – Show & Tell

    Simon is still alive and kicking! Which nasal spray is the best if you want to kill your nose? Can you be a real Swede if you’re cheating yourself over the high jumping bar with a pole? We also discuss the best way to pick up people at the sup…

  • Ep. 7 – A Conspiracy Attempt

    Swedish Bananas have as many subscribers as there are apostles in the bible! Do company slogans fill a purpose? We’re discussing a couple of conspiracy theories and possible hoaxes including the bosnian pyramids and Hitler …

  • Ep. 6 – A Learning Attempt

    Both Simon and Joel have been travelling on their vacations and the latter still is, therefore this episode is recorded at a distance. Is a vaporizer the ultimate consequence-ridden relaxation device? Is school really education? And we n…

  • Ep. 5 – A Religious Attempt

    Are bitcoin millionaires the best people? What makes a good product and a happy customer? Jesus was not Jesus, or atleast he wasn’t famous. Also the internet is one big filter bubble! 


    Your Name / Kimi No Na Wa

  • Ep. 4 – A Green Attempt

    LED torches won’t empower the angry mob or frighten Frankenstein’s Monster…but it’s more environmentally friendly! Joel is planning his europe trip and trying to get out of his comfort zone. Are jumpcuts just …

  • Ep. 3 – A Materialistic Attempt

    This is the 3rd episode, or 4th? Who knows, it might just be the Mandela Effect talking. Anyhow, we spend fair a bit of time bashing different things like materialism, movies that are badly made (like the new The Beauty and the Beast!) – …

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