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  • Ep 36. Ronja on Mars

    We are making a kids’s show and Finland doesn’t exist…

    Ronja Robbers daughter song: https://youtu.be/_UJDz31uCKk

    Last recommendation: Journey to the Beginning of Time: https://youtu.be/Iovo0biV

  • Ep 17. A Quality Attempt

    100% Quality

    From Awesome games, eco homes, Liberalism, cleaning the ocean, we cover it all!

    Link List:

    Simon’s Recommendation: 

    Last weeks recommendation:
    Boyan Slat: How we will rid the oceans of plastic: ht

  • Ep 14. A VR Murder Attempt

    Getting falsely accused for VR Murder in the future. Rotoscoping freaks out a generation and West world is back, while Joel gets uneasy from watching Anime…. he might be able to play Celest. Unsolved murders are getting solved via Po…

  • Ep 11. A Making Attempt

    2018 The year of the attempt!

    Bass player’s can’t place bass so they are kickstarting music instead. Take our money and buy cool MP3-Players while Youtubing about Nintendo Indie games that sucks. Kill your darlings and distr…

  • Ep 10. A Christmas Attempt

    Spend your Christmas with us! Eating Swedish Christmas food and opening the annual Christmas bananas

    Drinking local Swedish Julmust while collecting horrible games. How to preserve insects when you live forever. Eating neatly p…

Swedish Bananas on YouTube


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