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  • Ep. 62 – Until Next Time

    Someone bought a new pair of shorts with holes in them and you can never guess who! Simon gets to live through the South Park episode about e-scooters since they’ve finally made their way to Borås. Was the Covid-19 virus invented by Chi…

  • Ep 46. My Fat VR Vacation

    We are Back with vengeance! Joel explains fat burning and Simon plans his VR Vacation after his burnout. Chimpanzees, drama, U2, and a Stockphoto girl hunt, this and so much more on this episode of Swedish Bananas.  

    Recommendation: J

  • Ep 43. Corona-chan!

    Joel leaves for a new job, we taste the pineapple cake, Crash Bandicoot is awesome, spider, birds, speedrunners and chair sniffing… welcome to Swedish Bananas!

    Warning the public not to touch their faceshttps://youtu.be

  • Ep 42. The Swedish Sin

    There is only one semla! Today (or when this episode was recorded) is fettisdagen. What is a Semla, how do you eat it? What types of adult entertainment do Swedes prefer? This and much more in todays episode!

    SKYND: https://www.youtu

  • Ep 41. On tour!

    Are all kids on acid?

    This week we are in Stockholm, the capital of Scandinavia! Watching Babymetal on tour! Joel makes the perfect throw and everything is discussed, from Louis Rossmann to who built the pyramids. 

    Link list:

    Who buil

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